(GWHR-1111) BarbeSkew Half Grill

The BarbeSkew half grill is an innovative grilling grid that is designed to offer high cooking support for smaller food types including steak, chicken pieces, mushrooms, sausages and more. This half grill is designed to be placed on one side of the BarbeSkew barbecue and is highly constructed with strong metal material that enables for additional strength when used in demanding cooking sessions while featuring high resistance against flames without succumbing to weakness and buckling after long periods of cooking. This outdoor BBQ half grill is lightweight in size that allows for easy handling and removing when needed, and is designed as an easy to clean grill that can be cleaned before and after each use. This BarbeSkew half grill is ideal for cooking additional food with the rotisserie meat, and can easily help to increase the amount of cooked food for catering for medium to large gatherings of family and friends.