(GWHR-2110) BarbeSkew II Cooking Grill

The BarbeSkew II grill is a well-constructed and reliable grill that is designed to promote a high cooking capacity with its heavy duty grid design. This BarbeSkew II grill is constructed with high strength material that is designed to withstand against long term use near flames and heat without succumbing to buckling or weakness, and is able to offer easy setup and placement onto the grill barbecue providing an alternative to rotisserie cooking when using the BarbeSkew II grill BBQ. With an easy to clean design, this grill is able to be washed when needed before and after each cooking session, and comes completed with a lightweight design that can help to promote easy handling for the cook when removing it. This outdoor BBQ grill is ideal for cooking most smaller meat and food types including sausages, steak, chicken pieces, mushrooms, burgers and more, and is manufactured with a user friendly design that allows for effortless cooking when catering for most family or friend gatherings.