(GWHR-2111) BarbeSkew II Half Grill

The BarbeSkew II half grill is a quality grill alternative that is highly compatible with the BarbeSkew II barbecue unit for helping to increase the cooking capacity for smaller foods and meat types while rotisserie cooking. This half grill is highly constructed with strong material that allow for long term use in most cooking sessions to withstand against heat and flames without succumbing to weakness or buckling. It also provides a lightweight design that enables for easy carrying and removal when needed, and is able to easily cater for the cooking of smaller foods types including chicken pieces, sausages, mushrooms, burger, steak, and more. With its unique design, this half grill is able to be placed in one side of the BarbeSkew II barbecue, and is designed to offer easy cleaning before and after each cooking session so that it is ready to be used each and every time. This grill can cook mouth-watering meals, and is able to ready the food for immediate serving when cooked.