(LSGS-1110) BarbeSkew Long Skewer Gear Set

The BarbeSkew large skewer gear set is a highly constructed and well-adaptive gear set that is designed to promote high operation when used with a BarbeSkew grill barbecue. This large skewer set is manufactured with high quality material that allows for added strength and support when used to help accommodate large skewers. It can also be used to replace an existing skewer gear set that may have become worn or damaged due to heavy exposure to wear and tear, and can be easily handled by the BarbeSkew owner. This BarbeSkew grill barbeque gear set is lightweight in size, and provides an easy installation and setup process to help customise your outdoor BBQ grill BarbeSkew to suit your own personal cooking needs. Ideal of any BarbeSkew grill owner, this gear set can easily help to increase the cooking capacity of the grill, and is suitable for use in a range of installations.