(LSGS-2110) BarbeSkew II Long Skewer Gear Set

The BarbeSkew II large skewer gear set is a quality and reliable skewer gear set that is designed to provide high compatibility with the BarbeSkew II grill barbecue when looking to update or replace your gear set.

This well-adaptive skewer gear box is able to be easily installed into place to help customize any BarbeSkew II to suit anyone’s cooking needs, and is highly constructed with high strength material that allows for additional strength and skewer support for use in many locations. This skewer gear set is designed for large skewer types, and is lightweight that enables for effortless handling and installation when constructing and customizing your BarbeSkew.

Designed to withstand most wear and tear situations, this skewer gear set is able to offer easy replacement of the existing skewer gear box which may have become damaged or broken due to heavy exposure to wear and tear.