(PRS-3065) Stainless Steel Portable BBQ Charcoal Rotisserie Spit

 This Portable Rotisserie Spit is

made from Durable Stainless Steel.


What you Get:

- 1 Skewer and Prongs

- 1 Grill

- Charcoal Tray

- 3V Motor (takes 2 D size Batteries) 8kgs capacity



Lenght: 60cm

Width: 32cm

Depth: 10cm

Height with legs: 45cm

Thickness: approx 1mm

Gross Weight: 11.5kgs


There is also an Adjustable position for the motor on the side panel.

It packs up neatly as a briefcase which makes it very convenient to take it with you anywhere.

Perfect if you like good food without the hassles, Easy to clean and Maintain!!!


**12 months warranty**