Cyprus Grill Heavy Duty 5 Spits Rotisserie Souvla Package Deal with 2 x 20kg Variable Speed Motor (Product of Cyprus) CG-8000A

The heavy duty charcoal BBQ 5 spit rotisserie is an innovative and reliable grill barbecue that can easily cater for most meat types including beef, lamb, chicken, goat, and pork. This grill barbecue features a heavy duty large metal construction that enables for high use, strength, and support in the most demanding cooking sessions that may take up a lengthy amount of time.

It also features:


10 small stainless steel skewers,

5 large stainless steel skewers   -   2 at the Top & 3 Across the Bottom.

an adjustable height gear set.

a 2 variable speed 12V240V electric motor that is able to offer high powered operation to run both the top and bottom skewers simultaneously at the same time, (1 x Commercial Grade Variable Speed Motor)

(Additional motors available).

Featuring an easy to clean design, it also allows for safe cooking, and is suitable for catering for large gatherings of people. This high powered rotisserie is designed to rotate up to 20kgs of meat at a time, is ideal for any outdoor gathering, and is able to promote easy movement with its 2 wheel design to offer fast transportation from one location to another when exposed to bad weather conditions.