LSGS-0111 - Cyprus Grill 3 Skewer Gear Set - Manual Style

The manual type 3 skewer gear set is designed to offer high use with Cyprus grill barbecues when looking to use and cook with 3 high strength skewers.This grill barbecue gear set is able to help customise your Cyprus grill to increase your cooking time and experience to help cater for larger gatherings of people, and It is able to withstand long term cooking sessions without succumbing to weakness or too much wear. Highly compatible with large skewers, this gear set is user friendly and can offer high operating control to ensure that the skewers are well adapted into your cooking setup. Designed to offer replacement of damaged or old gear sets that may have become worn due to heavy wear and tear

  • Manufactured from high quality material
  • This gear set is designed to offer additional strength and support
  • It can be installed without any problems for fast use
  • It Customisation to accommodate for 3 skewers. 
  • Cooks food evenly allowing them to be cooked in their own juices
  • Also comes with the T-Bar for the other end.
  • suits square large skewers with 9mm Thickness
  • Use any Cyprus Grill Motor Option to Turn the 3 Skewers Simultaneously
  • The gear set comes in black only
  • Made in Cyprus 
  • 12 months warranty