SOLD-OUT!!! (ERM-3071) 25kg Capacity Rotisserie Motor suit 22mm Round Skewer Shaft

The 25kg standard rotisserie motor is a high quality 240V direct drive motor that is able to offer up to 5RPM to evenly turn balanced meat for an optimal cooking experience. Featuring a heavy duty construction, this grill barbecue rotisserie motor is ideal for use in turning 25kgs of meat which may include chicken, piglets, lamb, and sides of meats. With an inbuilt cooling fan, this BBQ spit motor is able to be kept from becoming over-heated after a long cooking session, and is able to last the distance of the cooking time required to ensure all the meat is well cooked through and ready to serve in the shortest amount of time possible. Easy to setup and reliable, this outdoor BBQ grill motor can easily provide a constant level of power that offers even rotating of the meat and spit, and is designed to offer a user friendly operation that is suitable for most cooking endeavours that cater for large get-togethers of family and friends.