SS-2302 - Cyprus Grill Small Skewers Set (11 Pack) - Suit Stainless Steel Cyprus Grill and the small Stainless Steel gear set

The small skewer set is a quality and complete pack of 11 stainless steel skewers that are able to easily provide effortless preparation of food in advanced for added convenience and time saving when catering for a large family gathering or group of friends. Ideal for larger type parties, this small skewer set is able to provide lightweight handling and gripping with its comfortable handles to allow for easy threading of the meat, and is able to provide easy replacement of old or damaged skewers that may have become worn or damaged due to heavy weighted meat or over-exposure to heat and flames. This skewer setup can be purchased as a complete set or as individual skewer, and offer high use in any outdoor BBQ grilling session when the cooking of meat includes chicken, beef, pork, lamb, and goat. Featuring an easy to clean design, this skewer set offers an effortless cleaning process that allows for the skewers to be ready for the next cooking session.