myGRILL Chef SMART Large with Stainless Steel Cart- Ultimate Package PLUS

Model No.:  950010-03003015 & 950010-24523015



The future of outdoor grills is here and it’s SMART.

Made entirely of stainless steel, with an insulated base and innovative cooking mechanisms give the advantage to the amateur griller to achieve professional results. Equip your home and organize a barbecue that you and your friends will always remember.

The beginning of the next generation of outdoor grills.

The Chef SMART grill has a built-in computer, the SMART System, responsible for calculating and performing all the necessary processes to automatically cook the food. It simplifies the whole cooking process. Only place the food on the appropriate cooking accessories and select the corresponding recipe. You don't need to know the cooking techniques to cook delicious food!


The SMARTTM Cooking System helps you achieve professional results even on the most demanding foods.  It can even take control and cook by it’s own.

We challenged ourselves to find the best, most forward-looking way possible to engineer a new kind of charcoal grill.  One that has the ease of a gas grill and the aroma of the charcoal.  When we put it all together, the result was something entirely new.  Something radically different from anything before it.

SMARTTM Cooking System

In the front side of the grill, there is a built-in display from which you can select the type of the food you want to cook.  The SMARTTM System includes pre-installed dynamic recipes with icons for different types of food like steaks, burgers, chicken, fish, kebab etc.  Moreover, if you want to experiment in different cooking styles, the Chef SMARTTM grill can be operated in manual mode giving you the ability to manually adjust the rotation speed, timing and cooking temperature using the control knob.

Software Innovation

Easy to learn.  Easy to use.  Easy to love.

An incredible amount of innovation went into designing the SMARTTM Cooking System in order to be easy and natural.  Rotate the knob and select a cooking style.  You can choose between three main cooking styles and seven pre programmed recipes.  It’s smart enough to let you make your own recipes and save them for later use.

Hardware Innovation

Software and hardware made for each other.

Everything works together seamlessly.  To achieve this, our engineers designed the SMARTTM PCB Board considering every detail in order to bring out the best out of the SMARTTM Cooking System.

Mechanical Innovation

Traditionally, rotisserie grills used spur gear motors.  With the new SMARTTM Motor, we looked ahead and equipped the grill with an advanced DC brushless motor with a planetary gearhead.

Brushless DC Motor

Because of its design it does not require airflow for cooling.  So the motor’s internals are entirely enclosed and protected from dirt.  Additionally with no brushes to wear out, the SMART BLDC motor has a longer lifespan from traditional motors.

Planetary Gearhead

The SMART planetary gearhead, in contrast of spur type gearboxes, shares the load over multiple planet gears and efficiently delivers torque to a rotating carrier coupled to a geared output shaft.

Healthy Grilling

Each type of food being cooked on the grill, requires a different style of cooking with specific cooking temperature, which is difficult to know and apply correctly.

The SMART system constantly monitors and analyses, via the embedded temperature sensor, the heat emitted from the burning coals to the food being cooked and automatically controlling and adjusting the electrical mechanisms of the grill in real time. It changes the distance of the food from the coals and simultaneously determines the speed and type of rotation. These changes are dynamic and continuously modified.

Electric Elevation Mechanism

The innovative electric elevation mechanism gives you the control over the cooking temperature just by pressing the knob. It will adjust the height between the meat and the charcoals automatically. The height can be adjusted from 11-24 cm.

When on Automatic Mode the mechanism changes the distance of the food from the heat source based on the selected recipe. To reduce the temperature at which the food is exposed, the mechanism moves away from the heat source and to increase temperature it moves closer to the heat source.

Insulated Fire Bowl

The technology used for the myGrill Chef SMARTTM base significantly reduces heat loss to only 10% comparing to other charcoal grills with no insulation.  Cooking temperatures can be obtained with much less charcoal, thus saving charcoal per firing.

Double Layered Base

The base is made of double layer stainless steel sheet with integrated ceramic fiber.

The ceramic fiber insulation inside the myGrill ChefTM exhibit high temperature stability for continuous use at temperatures up to 1200oC (2192 oF).  In conjunction with the full metal base, almost all thermal energy produced by the charcoals is emitted for cooking.


We oversee all production processes within our facilities, without outsourcing any activity. Applying this philosophy, gives the company full control regarding the quality of materials, which we aim to maintain to the highest levels.

Chef Freestanding Carts

Chef Series freestanding carts have been developed to make your Chef SMART™ grill mobile.

Standard features include two side shelves that are removable and a foldable front door that can be used as a table. 4 commercial casters make these units easy to move




SKU CS3015-15-PLUS
Barcode # 2000000006802
Brand myGRILL
Shipping Weight 125.0000kg
Shipping Width 1.600m
Shipping Height 0.680m
Shipping Length 0.600m
Unit Of Measure ea

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