Outdoor Magic - Spit Motor 240 Volt - JD850A-4

The Outdoor Magic Spit Motor 240 Volt (Model: JD850A-4) is a robust and efficient motor designed for use with spits, providing reliable rotation for evenly cooked meats. Here's an overview of its key features:

Voltage: The spit motor operates on 240 Volts, providing a reliable power source for smooth and consistent rotation.

Weight Capacity: With a substantial 12.5kg rating, this motor is capable of handling sizable loads, making it suitable for various outdoor cooking applications.

Auto Reverse Feature: The motor is equipped with an auto-reverse function, serving as overload protection. This feature automatically reverses the rotation in case of an overload, preventing damage and ensuring the safety of the spit and motor.

Compatibility: The motor is designed to suit an 8mm spit shaft, providing a secure and compatible fit for most standard spits.

Material: Featuring a stainless-steel heat shield, the motor is constructed with durable materials that can withstand the rigors of outdoor cooking, including exposure to heat and weather elements.

The Outdoor Magic Spit Motor is an essential component for those who enjoy spit roasting. Its high weight capacity, auto-reverse feature, and compatibility with standard spit shafts make it a reliable choice for achieving perfectly cooked and evenly roasted meats. Whether used for family gatherings or larger outdoor events, this motor enhances the convenience and efficiency of your spit roasting setup.



SKU JD850A-4
Barcode # 9325086009862
Brand Outdoor Magic

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