myGRILL SLIM Large - Ultimate Package

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Following the modern tendencies of architecture, we have created a grill interwoven with practicality, simplicity and elegance.

The myGRILL SLIM™ is ideal for those who prefer something modern at their barbecue space. Made entirely of stainless steel, with an insulated base that can be embedded into your countertop, it promises to serve you forever.

Rotisserie System

A uniform roasting is the secret for delicious results.

The specially designed rotisserie system with chain rotates the skewers with uniform speed. Roasting is done slowly and steadily, keeping the meat juicy and soft.

Elevation Mechanism

Innovative manual elevation mechanism for height adjustment between the meat and the charcoals. The height can be adjusted from 0-13 cm.

Adjust the height of the skewers very easily even while roasting , depending on the type of meat and the size of the pieces or the amount of charcoal you have available.

Powered by ATLAS

Lots of power in a small package

Inside the myGRILL ATLAS™ is a strong 12V DC Motor with a torque of With its small size (only 10x8x4 cm) it can be easily be placed on all myGRILL models.

Adjustable Speed 0-42rpm

You can precisely adjust the skewer rotation speed from 0-42rpm just by turning the knob located on the side.


42rpm  Adjustable Speed 0-42rpm  of Torque

12V DC  Switched-mode Power Supply

Insulated base for BBQ Island

Controlled Expansion-Contraction

The base consists of two separated bowls - the outside and the inside. The inside bowl, that has direct contact with charcoal, has the ability to expand and contract without deforming its shape.


The base is made from a double layer stainless steel sheet with integrated ceramic fiber.

The technology used for the myGRILL SlimTM base significantly reduces heat loss to only 10% comparing to other charcoal grills with no insulation.  Cooking temperatures can be obtained with much less charcoal, thus saving charcoal per firing.

MyGRILL = 10% Heat Loss

Other Charcoal Grills = 90% Heat Loss

Double Layered Base

The base is made of double layer stainless steel sheet with integrated ceramic fiber.

The ceramic fiber insulation inside the myGRILL SlimTM exhibit high temperature stability for continuous use at temperatures up to 1200OC (2192OF).  In conjunction with the full metal base, almost all thermal energy produced by the charcoals is emitted for cooking.

For those who prefer grilling only on grates

If you love grilling on grates because of the flavor it gives to meat, vegetables, and seafood or if you are obsessed over getting those perfect grill marks, myGRILL SlimTM base with full stainless steel grates suits for you.

Stainless Steel Grates

Made of stainless steel, available in fixed dimensions 44x20cm in order to fit perfectly in the bowl of your barbecue.

Place the ergonomically designed grates partially or entirely along the base and enjoy burgers, fish and other grilled items.

High Quality

We oversee all production processes within our facilities, without outsourcing any activity. Applying this philosophy, gives the company full control regarding the quality of materials, which we aim to maintain to the highest levels.



SKU S3015-15
Barcode # 95001503003015
Brand myGRILL
Shipping Weight 85.0000kg
Shipping Width 1.600m
Shipping Height 0.340m
Shipping Length 0.600m

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