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Souvla - Roast BBQ Rotisserie Spit

Souvla (Greek style of bbq) has many times been humorously called the national food of Cyprus, which for some is quite fitting as it depicts Cypriots as meat lovers. It is Cyprus’ version of barbecue and is usually enjoyed on special occasions, especially after periods of fasting like Christmas and Easter.

Souvla bbq meat is made from large pieces of pork, chicken or lamb passed on large skewers (spit rod) and then slowly spit roasted over hot charcoal on a rotisserie style charcoal bbq grill called a foukou. 

The Cyprus Grill (traditionally known as a foukou) is an integral part of the process for cooking both souvla and souvlaki, For souvla, the long side of the Cyprus Grill is used, in contrast to souvlaki where the shorter skewers are placed across the width of the bbq grill. The uniform cooking of the meat is ensured by the use of a battery-powered motor that rotates the skewers (spit rods) either along it's length or across it's width at the same time (with an additional motor). There are two levels for cooking charcoal rotisserie spits on the Cyprus Grill, which allows simultaneous cooking of up to three souvlas (two at the bottom, one at the top). Our Modern Cyprus Charcoal Grill has three Spit rods all on the same level so you can spit roast all your meat together at the same time.

Unlike souvlaki, souvla is sometimes marinated before grilling. People are known to use oregano and white or red wine as marinades, even though it is up to the souvla maker and his or her creativity. Purists prefer the meat with plenty of salt.

You will find souvla at most Cypriot restaurants as part of meze, it will almost always be served at traditional weddings and is the centrepiece of a feast at celebrations right after fasting. The Original Cyprus Grill brings you the authentic barbeque quality and taste of a Cypriot kitchen to your home. Now you can cook a roast spit like the pros.




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